Antigen-Antibody Reactions

Ability of an individual Ab combining site to react with more than one antigenic determinant or the ability of a population of
Ab molecules to react with more than one Ag Cross reacting Ag shares an epitope in common with the immunizing antigen or
an epitope is structurally similar to one on the immunizing antigen .

Agglutination & Precipitation

Basics of Hematology

Blood cell morphology
Diagnostic use
Histogram analysis
Research parameters

Malaria Dengue

Label pre-cleaned slides (preferably frosted-end) with patient’s name (or other identifier), date and time of collection. Wear gloves. Clean slides with 70 to 90% alcohol and allow to dry. Do not touch the surface of the slide where the blood smear will be made. Select the finger to puncture, usually the middle or ring finger. In infants, puncture the heel.