The 5 Most Important Things to Know About Full Body Checkup

Introduction Regular health checkup play a crucial role in maintaining overall well-being. Among the various types of health assessments available, full body checkup are considered a comprehensive way to evaluate one’s health status. Whether you reside in Amritsar or any other location, understanding the key aspects of full body checkup is essential for making informed…

Getting ready for pregnancy

Bringing a new life into the world is a truly alluring and overwhelming experience. This mixed feeling of joy and expectation may also make one uneasy and uneasy. You may have many questions as you prepare to become a parent. There are some things you can do to get ready, though. It’s important to spend…

Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

The Function of Hormones The body maintains its health and fitness using a variety of biological processes that operate like well-oiled machinery. Our hormones serve as messengers and control how well bodily processes are carried out. What are these hormones, though? Chemicals called hormones circulate throughout our bodies, instructing organs on how to function properly.…

What You Need to Know About Hepatitis

Before treating hepatitis, it is crucial to understand everything about it. Inflammation of the liver is known as hepatitis. The viruses that cause hepatitis infections attack the liver, which serves as the body’s filtering system, through a variety of entry points. When hepatitis infects this crucial organ, the liver is unable to perform its function,…

Early Detection: How a Full Body Checkup Can Save Your Life

When was the last time you went for a full body checkup? Was it months ago, years ago, or have you never had one? Many people tend to skip their regular checkups due to their busy schedules, lack of awareness, or fear of medical procedures. However, regular full body checkups are vital to maintaining good…

The Advantages of Utilizing a Professional Path Lab for Your Medical Testing

As technology advances, it has become easier for people to access medical testing equipment and conduct medical tests at home. However, even with the availability of at-home medical tests, there are still significant advantages to utilizing a professional path lab for your medical testing needs. Professional path labs, like Yuvraj Path Labs in Amritsar, have…

Common Food Allergens and How to Avoid Them

Unlike popular belief, food allergies are much more common. Given that the prevalence of these conditions is increasing, this is particularly true if you are not aware of the new data. The prevalence of food allergies among children increased from 3.4% in 1997-1999 to 5.1% in 2009-2011, according to the CDC. Currently, 8% of children…

Description of Mobile Alcohol, Mobile Drugs Testing – Drug Testing Centre in Amritsar

Setting up a Mobile Alcohol Trail service center is not simple. You have to blaze many bricks before you can proceed. If you are preparing to endeavor in this marketplace then keep the following factors in mind. A medical screening is carried out where people pass through precise tests that finally indicate fatality. Presently, individuals…

Preventive Health care | Semen Testing Clinical Lab in Amritsar

Preventive healthcare involves measures taken to recognize and reduce risk factors for disease and other health issues to recover the course of existing disease and screening for early recognition of disease also. Semen testing clinical lab in Amritsar is a prominent name when someone searches for the clinical lab near me, Pathology lab near me,…

Home Blood Sample Collection Lab in Amritsar

Each division of Clinical Lab that is the best lab is managed by the well-qualified senior staff with extensive experience recognized for their giving to analysis. Clinical Lab The expertise of consultants attracts a number of referrals from outside as well. Special experts are there in our lab involving diseases of the liver, intestine, stomach,…

Drug Abuses !

Drugs are classified as legal and unlawful. Medicines, cigarettes, and alcohol are measured as lawful drugs. But extreme drinking and smoking by adults and particularly by teenagers also poses a risk for widespread addiction. Medications that are taken without proper instruction are unfavorable as illegal drugs, like heroin and marijuana, are those that have invigorating…

What can be done to Improve Health?

Many people have similar questions about how they can recover their health. Doctors or technically, there is no adapted reply. The reply seems more conceited but if we recognize how the blood looks under a microscope, there is no further way to recognize what you should do to defend your health or recover it. The…


Therearenovaccinesthatcontainthecurrentswineinfluenza viruscausingillnessinhumans.Itisnotknownwhethercurrent humanseasonalinfluenzavaccinescanprovideanyprotection. Influenzaviruseschangeveryquickly.Itisimportanttodevelopa

Antigen-Antibody Reactions

Ability of an individual Ab combining site to react with more than one antigenic determinant or the ability of a population of
Ab molecules to react with more than one Ag Cross reacting Ag shares an epitope in common with the immunizing antigen or
an epitope is structurally similar to one on the immunizing antigen .

Agglutination & Precipitation

Basics of Hematology

Blood cell morphology
Diagnostic use
Histogram analysis
Research parameters

Malaria Dengue

Label pre-cleaned slides (preferably frosted-end) with patient’s name (or other identifier), date and time of collection. Wear gloves. Clean slides with 70 to 90% alcohol and allow to dry. Do not touch the surface of the slide where the blood smear will be made. Select the finger to puncture, usually the middle or ring finger. In infants, puncture the heel.

Swine Flu