Home Blood Sample Collection Lab in Amritsar

Each division of Clinical Lab that is the best lab is managed by the well-qualified senior staff with extensive experience recognized for their giving to analysis. Clinical Lab The expertise of consultants attracts a number of referrals from outside as well. Special experts are there in our lab involving diseases of the liver, intestine, stomach, heart, endocrines, blood vessels, bones, skin, and all sorts of cancer and other tumors as well. Advanced equipment and technologies are used to get exact disease recognition.  

The mission of the Home Blood Sample Collection Lab in Amritsar is to provide leading diagnostic services for our users, whether it is private or public services. Our Clinical Lab is well equipped with a wide variety of up-to-date analytical instruments in the lab, all of which are frequently serviced to guarantee that all of our tests run smoothly. In addition to this, we use contemporary info systems to guarantee that we can keep track of all samples. Along with this, we follow strict testing protocols and also execute usual quality control checks for security, so that you can be sure your samples have been precisely analyzed. We support all our actions to surpass customer experience and deliver the WOW experience keeping the idea of “CUSTOMER FIRST” in mind.

The vision to create Home Blood Sample Collection Lab in Amritsar was driven by the philosophy to supply high-quality correct test outcomes at reasonable prices to the masses. As a leading diagnostic organization, we support the practice of taking efforts at each level and across the whole association for taking personal liability for every process and test conducted in the Lab. We make sure for the highest quality of our work from the beginning to the end and endeavor to do the best in all we do for our patients and provide realizable services.

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