Hepatitis Testing Center in Amritsar

Before treating hepatitis, it is crucial to understand everything about it. Inflammation of the liver is known as hepatitis.

The viruses that cause hepatitis infections attack the liver, which serves as the body’s filtering system, through a variety of entry points.

When hepatitis infects this crucial organ, the liver is unable to perform its function, and toxins build up.

Additionally, the liver produces the substances necessary for clotting, and infection compromises this process. Study hepatitis in detail and be aware of the following:

Hepatitis types

1. Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A virus (HAV), which Purcell isolated in 1973, is one of the more frequent causes of acute hepatitis.

The only reservoir for this virus seems to be humans. infection with the hepatitis A virus, an enterovirus that is primarily spread through direct contact between people as well as through contaminated food and water.

2. Hepatitis B

The severity of hepatitis B, a contagious liver disease, varies from a brief period of mild illness to a serious, lifelong condition. It’s possible to have acute or chronic hepatitis B.

Cirrhosis, which necessitates liver transplantation, can develop as the liver disease progresses into the chronic stage.

3. Hepatitis C

In 1989, the hepatitis C virus was identified. Before that, it was linked to blood transfusions but was known as non-A, non-B hepatitis due to the virus’s un identifiability.

There are now several hereditary varieties of the hepatitis C virus.

4. Hepatitis D

Only those with hepatitis B virus carry the hepatitis D virus (HDV). In people with recent or chronic hepatitis B, HDV may exacerbate the liver disease.

Even those who have the hepatitis B virus but have never experienced symptoms are susceptible. Although there is no vaccine for HDV, the hepatitis B virus vaccine is effective in protecting against HDV.

5. Hepatitis E

It frequently resembles hepatitis A because it eventually leaves your body and is not a chronic illness.

Hepatitis E can be fatal to pregnant women and is more common in nations with subpar sanitary conditions.

Hepatitis E results in the same liver swelling and inflammation as other viral hepatitis types.

Hepatitis signs and symptoms

Knowing everything there is to know about hepatitis starts with understanding its symptoms. Initially, chronic hepatitis frequently has no symptoms.

The most frequent symptom reported by those with symptoms is exhaustion. Throughout the day, fatigue gets worse and can even be crippling.

Other typical signs include:

● Slight abdominal discomfort
● Reduced appetite
● Nausea

Hepatitis testing centre in Amritsar

A hepatitis blood test checks a person’s blood for antibodies to hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

A person’s immune system is either currently battling a hepatitis infection or has previously fought the infection if there are hepatitis antibodies present in their blood.

The first step in preventing hepatitis is to keep yourself informed about everything there is to know about it.

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